Automate your SAS Migration

Alchemist is a complete solution for automating the migration of your analytical SAS environment to the best modern analytics platforms built with support for open source standards from the ground up.

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Alchemist's 3 Step Approach

  • Analyze

    Start by automatically creating an inventory of your code and exploring it visually
  • Convert

    Automate code conversion with an intelligent transpiler that understands SAS metadata
  • Launch

    Understand your complete conversion cost to build a solid business case
  • 1

    Analyze & Inventory

    Successful SAS migration projects start with visibility on all of your SAS environment. Start by automatically taking an inventory of your code, which you can explore visually(coming soon!) using the Alchemist Analyzer.

    • Depdendency Network Analysis
    • Visually Explore Relationships
    • Free to Try
    Analyzer (1)
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    Smart Conversion

    Automate your code with the Alchemist Transpiler - the only conversion solution that understands SAS metadata. The Transpiler intelligently converts your code with a proprietary tree pattern mapping algorithm you can customize for your organization.

    • Built-in Tree Pattern Matching Algorithm  
    • Custom Algorithms and Template Support
    • SAS Metadata "Aware" for Precise Mapping
    Quality testing
  • 3

    Build a Plan with Costs

    Understand your complete conversion cost by SAS module (e.g. Enterprise Guide, Data Integration Studio and base SAS). Build your business case and identify opportunities for initial conversion pilots.

    • Plan for low-hanging fruit pilots
    • Understand savings & new platform costs
    • Highlight cost and speed savings vs. manual migration

"Migrating off of SAS was always a long term strategy for us. It was only after we found Alchemist that we had the confidence to act immediately."

Data Analytics Platform Owner - SAS Enterprise Customer

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